Re: Thinking Clearly

Sorry if I got a little animated in my previous post.

In the Tampa area, I have interviewed with several companies looking
for Delphi developers and the story was the same each time, and each
time I had to EDUCATE the interviewer about because they
were clueless. They didn't know anything about VCL.NET. They were
using a version of Delphi no newer than D5, they didn't know you could
do .net development with any non Microsoft tool, etc.

So, whose fault is it that Borland's Delphi customers have fallen off
of the information bandwagon? How is it even possible to adopt VCL.NET
as a .NET migration strategy when you don't know it exists?

How is it possible to see one IDE for Delphi and WinForms development
if you don't know it exists?

By the time I got in and explained where Delphi CURRENTLY is with
regard to .NET, it was already too late. Executive decisions about
technology had already been made, and the underlings were told to
develop new code using Visual Studio. This is a big frustration for me.

To me it speaks largely of the fact that before DevCo can worry about
bringing new Delphi coders on board, they need to ask themselves why
companies that have large Delphi applications in-house are using D5 and
don't know ZIP about BDS? That's a communication/marketing issue, not
a technical issue. All of Brian's points about the architecture of
VCL.NET are rendered moot if the customer base in question doesn't it
even exists!

Microsoft, on the other hand, has carpet bombed the landscape with, .net, and .net and what they need to buy from MS to do .net
development. Even without the MS resources, you would think Borland
could at least communicate with its corporate customers who use Delphi