Re: Tried Out Delphi 2006

Without that, you are stuck with no feasible way to convert
created-with-Delphi functionality into ActiveX.

Yup -- I agree. It's a very, very cool thing.

Honestly, Nick, it's the one thing that I've taunted non-Delphi developers
with. They are just dumbfounded at how cool that feature is. And remember,
the ActiveX component world really is the world we live in when we go to
deploy our commercial components. It really seems to me that without this
ability in Delphi, then Delphi is a "vendor lock in"; that it can only be
used to create entire applications rather than commercial components that
can be used in any Windows app. Nick, our company exited the one-off
turnkey dev scene a few years back, so we cannot afford to be locked in like

We sell a created-with-Delphi ActiveX control and it is used by some of the
largest companies in the world, sometimes handling as many as 2.6 million
transactions in a day. There is simply no way that we can get this
component adopted if it cannot be deployed as an ActiveX control, and
honestly, we are not smart enough to write hand write IDL.