Re: Tried Out Delphi 2006

"Nick Hodges (Borland/DevCo)" <nickhodges@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
RHR wrote:

They are just dumbfounded at how cool that feature is.

I totally agree. I'm sorry you are frustrated with the product, and I
really appreciate the feedback.

I know a couple of ActiveX vendors that use Delphi to build commercial
ActiveX controls. They don't tell anyone in that market that Delphi is
their secret weapon.

What scares me is that you are seeing fewer vendors that offer a native
Delphi VCL version. That was always how you knew that the code was Delphi
and they were just deploying to ActiveX (because it would be insanely
difficult to go the opposite direction). But you are now seeing more
"native .NET" and ActiveX rather than "Delphi VCL". So, yes, I do think it
is in DevCo's best interest to jump on this. A long way back, Borland used
to trumphet "one-step ActiveX control creation" as a core differentiator.
Now, it seems that few there [Borland] even seem to know why that is so

BTW, I understand completely that "don't want anyone to know"/"trade secret"
mentality. A significant % of our customers prohibit us from disclosing
that they OEM our products inside their products, because they see it as a
trade secret.