Re: Wild speculations about the "other" factors

Bob Dawson wrote:
I agree, and I think that's a crucial difference to Kylix as a 'porting'
comparison. MS still clearly intends .NET to become the default desktop
environment for 'rich' clients, whereas neither Java nor Linux seem able to
break into that market in more than niche pockets.

The core competitive differentiator that Delphi for .NET offers is the
ability to migrate code between Win32 and .NET. The WPF story looks to
be more of the same. It's a Delphi *port* to .NET.

But let's suppose that WPF makes .NET the default desktop environment.
What will Delphi offer in such a case that makes it significantly
better? Now, remember that WPF is larger than just VS.NET, it involves
MS' Expression product and WPF/E as well.

Will DevCo attempt to build an Expression clone? Doubtful and probably
not the best approach. So here we have more than just classic .NET
developer tools, we have the designer tools as well. I can't imagine MS
not offering them together in a synergistic package. Which vendor do
you think most companies are going choose for this kind of work?

But that's simply going to take a while. MS has always overestimated it's
ability to push OS transitions.

Indeed; which is why IMO, the priority of the native enhancements should
be higher than what I perceive them to be.

Brian Moelk
Brain Endeavor LLC