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John Herbster wrote:

What is a DAW? Digital Audio Workstation?
Or (when I google it) maybe
Division for the Advancement of Women
Dynamic Aspects Workshop
Drink At Work <g>

Does it matter? <g>
Ok, it is Digital Audio Workstation.

Where is a good reference for what they can do?
It is a common terminology for software which lets you edit sound
digitally in one way or another.

Are DAWs useful for speech as well as music?

Definitely, I use DAW for speech mostly so far, but also for music.
Sound is sound, so to say. But there also are sequencers, and
combinations of sequencers and audio mixers, which make up a complete
recording studio.

Sequencers work with MIDI files, a MIDI file contains no sound, only
commands. So a MIDI file containing piano music contains commands
telling the interpreter which key was hit, how hard it was hit, how
fast it was hit and how long it was held down, plus some additional

It is then up to the playback machine to transform this into real
sound. Windows has a MIDI playback "machine", sounds awful, the more
expensive ones have sampled sounds, so when you play back a MIDI piano
file it sounds like a real piano because it is that - sounds sampled
from a real piano.

Same with drums, the Windows drummer sounds like the Yamaha electric
organs from the 80-ies, new synths have sampled drums, sound like the
real thing.

Can they be cheap?

Even free:

The noise reduction filter in this application is very good, but does
not have the fine tuning you find in pro versions, and it also suffers
a little from the metallic sound artifacts that Anders Ohlsson

Sound software in general cost only a fraction of the programming
software we use in our profession, and typically has tons of features,
some almost overloaded with them. And they have very few bugs :)

It is a mine field though, setting up drivers, tweaking Windows here,
tweaking Windows there etc. The DAW world is huge, and like Delphi
components are allover in the programmer's world, there is a large
market for VST plugins (a standard) and MIDI (so called) loops. I
bought several hundreds of MIDI drum loops online, using simple drag
and drop you can then build a song with start-up, fill-ins, finals and
so on.

BTW, Delphi is used a lot in the DAW world, a pleasant discovery!

Ingvar Nilsen

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