Re: Boy, this Installaware is a disk hog...

The problem CodeGear have is that lots of companies mandate
you to have an MSI based installer so that they can push
installs out to all computers silently (Our IT dept does
this all the time and we never see it).
Innosetup doesn't do this so some companies won't use apps
produced with it.
I assume that this is why CodeGear use InstallAware - it's
either that or Wise/InstallShield and I know which one I'd
prefer :)
Personally I use InnoSetup but my customers haven't
requested MSI installs.....yet

"Jan Derk" <none@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
David Farrell-Garcia wrote:

My total InsallAware Studio 6.5 folder is 1.2GB. That
does not seem
like to big a disk cost for a build/development machine
for your
installer, but that is just my opinion.

I just checked and the InnoSetup program files folder with
all demos
contains 3.67MB of files. That is few hundred times
smaller and it does
everything I expect from an installer.

My guess is that CodeGear will find out in a few years how
InnoSetup is and that it is the installation tool of
choice (perharps
together with NSIS) if you don't want to litter your
customer's systems
with GigaBytes of bloat like D2007 and InstallAware do.

Jan Derk