Re: future of codegear / delphi why not just c# dot net

Florian Klaempfl wrote:
The 20 applications I use more than once a week are started through
quick start lauchner and since I use hibernation, the current work stays
always opened.

If not any driver or service stops you from doing this ;-)

It's O.K if someone doesn't like it, but I suppose you have some
arguments, why Vista doesn't qualify for professional use ?

Main points:
- Shorter support period than XP i.e. if you migrate now to Vista, you
have to migrate earlier again as if you stick at XP.

Win2K isn't supported anymore too. And yet many machines still have it running.

- MS can deactivate your Vista installations. This is a serious issue
for professional use.

Your Windows installation can be deactivated/destroyed by any update. Same applies to Linux, where every application has an auto update features. How do you now what is installed on your machine (automatically or manually - doesn't matter).

You need an emergency plan which would be to have
XP available.

The emergency plan is to have a rescue DVD and you can every time go back to a previous restore point.
The point is the central application / system part doing this in Vista is WGA, which you have also installed and activated on your Windows XP machines if you are updating them regularly.

So where is the difference to XP ?

So you can stick to XP. With some "luck" we can migrate to
Linux in 2014 when the extended support of XP is stopped ...

I have nothing against Linux or Open Source software, which by the way isn't restricted to a single OS. I use Linux and other OS regularly, but I can't agree that everything is better if you are using a free OS or free software. Who drives the free OS ? All enthusiast's working just for fun and free ? Don't get me wrong, I like Open Source as I like proprietary software I have to pay for. And even if I wouldn't like Open Source software, at least I would like it for compete with closed software. Without competition we would have no choice but buy or not buy.

I don't like WGA too, I don't like anything which has been added to Vista. To use such protection is not only common in the OS but in many commercial applications too. But they have to compete with Open Source applications and if they are better or at least as good as the their commercial counter part nobody would use the commercial one. And I hope that the Open Source products will force the commercial applications to either be *much better* or force them to remove the activation based copy protection bound to a single specific hardware.