Re: Cross platform - an interim proposal

"Marco van de Voort" wrote:
I.P. Nichols wrote:

That might well be true but will the typical Delphi GUI designer have the
mindset to take advantage of a larger Mac market and it's much richer visual
GUI or will they reject the Mac GUI's as so much eye-candy?

First, most of the eye candy is like Vista. OS internal, and doesn't concern
app developers, specially since they don't have a dual or triple mode model
(classic-teletubby-glass) that you have to fix for (e.g. system font)

Did it put developers of Vista ? No. Why? You don't have to. Basic apps are
like on Windows, only trendy apps

I have absolutly no idea what you are saying, care to explain?

Microsoft is in the process of creating a virtual storm of new stuff for
richer GUIs like Vista, WPF, Silverlight, Acropolis and Popfly and some
folks on non-tech have concurred with reactions such to this posting...

How many people here have used the new Ribbon? Who uses more from Vista than
a bit of manifest ?

The new Ribbon is a feature of the Office 2007 Interface and is not part of Vista or any of the other "GUI" products I mentioned. Here is a screen shot of it running on Windows XP.

During a storm some folks wait it out grousing about rip-tides, beach
erosion and dead whales washing ashore while others ride the waves hoping
for the thrill of a new experience and risking wipeouts. ;-)

And somepeople mistake the normal tide for a storm :-)

If the vast amount of stuff that Microsoft has brought forth in the last 6 months is a just a normal tide I sure hope to never experience a rip-snorthing Microsoft blitz storm. :)


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