Re: C#Builder 2007(2008)

Hi Nick

.Net is a platform that we leverage to the advantage of Delphi
developers. We believe that ASP.NET is a great tool for building
websites and web applications, so we are providing a solution for
Delphi developers to leverage ASP.NET to develop web sites.

We think that VCL.NET is a superior solution for building desktop
applications in the managed space. We leverage the advantages of the
.Net platform with our proven VCL framework to provide a solution for
managed client applications.

If your view of a ".Net Strategy" is "support everything on the .Net
platform, chasing Microsoft around and trying to be Visual Studio.Net",
then we don't have a .Net Strategy.

this is good and i hope this work, but what scare use is the constants stategy changes. if this Wii path is what codegear choose fine, but please stay with it for a long time.

If you think that .Net is a framework that Delphi developers can
leverage to accomplish what they want to accomplish, then you'll
understand our .Net strategy a little bit better.

how codegear will encorage third party developers to make components and what is the migration path for delphi/winforms/Eco ( and maybe third part components like stimulsoft reports) users.

Dennis Ortiz