Re: How many Delphi users in the world?

Delphi has a developer population of approx 1.75 million users worldwide in
2006. Delphi has 15% IDE marketshare overall (7.7% ranked out of 100%) and
is the #2 Windows IDE and the #4 IDE overall(C++Builder is #3 and #5

For licenses distributed per version/year we may be able to provide guidance
under NDA to tool and component partners. I'll discuss this with David.

An anecdotal search yields an interesting "data":

Delphi VCL Controls and Components
1,300,000 for Delphi (VCL OR "visual component library") (control OR

Delphi Winforms Controls and Components
800,000 for ".net" (winforms OR winform OR "windows forms") (control OR
component) (Delphi OR "Delphi .NET" OR Delphi.NET)

..NET Winforms Controls and Components
3,810,000 for ".net" (winforms OR winform OR "windows forms") (control OR

C# Winforms Controls and Components
2,390,000 for ".net" (winforms OR winform OR "windows forms") (control OR
component) C#

Visual Basic Winforms Controls and Components
2,440,000 for ".net" (winforms OR winform OR "windows forms") (control OR
component) (VB OR "visual basic" OR "visual" OR "").

"grandpascalus" <grandpascalus@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
(Some poeple may recognize the same question I posted in the C++Builder
forum ;-)...)

Hi there!

This question may also concern every component developer who intends to
found his own company and needs to know for his business plan how many
Delphi licenses are in the nature (all versions included - starting at
least from Delphi5).

Does somebody (from codegear especially) know the answer? If possible, a
detailed list per version would be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot!