The future of Bold for Delphi

Bold for Delphi, as some of you might know, is the predecessor to the
popular ECO framework. The Bold team is actively working on ECO since about
2002. During that time Bold has not been developed, apart from few bugfixes,
and those were years ago. Over time the discussion on the Bold newsgroup has
reduced drastically and is currently almost dead.

However, there are still developers working with Bold, as it still is the
best framework for win32. Yet they have been neglected by Borland/Codegear.
After 5 years, it has become painfully obvious that there will be no further
development on Bold. Truth be told, it is a rather complete product, so
nothing major is required, but there are still some bugs remaining.

Last release of Bold contained more source code than previous ones, but the
source is still not complete, so it's difficult to find and impossible to
fix most bugs.

So, that is the current state of things regarding Bold. Now, what is it that
I suggest?

Well, I don't recall Bold ever officially being discontinued, it practically
is, but without official statement the Bold guys keep hoping for years now.
I don't think that's fair.

I am aware that resources are limited and that restarting development of
Bold won't realistically happen, so there are only 2 ways to close this

IMHO, Borland/Codegear, should either release full source, so that those
using Bold can continue to do so and be able to further develop and fix it,
or Bold should be officially declared dead, so people can move on.

Daniel Mauric.