Re: Component Suites?

From: JfActiveSoft (
Date: 01/23/04

Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 11:04:56 +0100

Hello Tom,

You could want to try our library, JfControls.
JfControls provides all type of controls, capability to internationalize
your applications, skins, effects, multilist system to get the control on
your embedded windows, components with control on the data type, special
masks, centralized management of resources (colors, backgrounds, fonts,
images, etc..), automatic administration on the application configuration
parameters, position of columns on grids, size, position of windows, size,
splitters, etc.., grid, tree and dbgrid with sorting and grouping
capabilities, filter, incremental search, changes of appearance and much

On the other hand our policy of updates is a bit different from the usual
one, with JfControls there aren't 'major' or 'minor' updates of the product,
approximately every 2 weeks we're releasing new versions containing sundry
improvements on the library (new components, properties, methods, etc) and
its different auxiliary elements: help, tutorials, examples, demo programs,
utilities, etc, this way our customer can start to use our more recent
developments almost immediately, without the need of waiting for a new major
version a whole year.

For further details see at, there you will also
find a link to download the trial version of the library.

If you need more detailed info or have any kind of doubt, just don't
hesitate to email us.

Best wishes,

Jose Antonio Molina

"Tom Hahn" <> escribió en el mensaje
> Like many Delphi developers, I have used components from many different
> sources for one reason or another. I am interested in simplifying my
> development environment and getting more consistency in my programs. To
> end, I am trying to select a comprehensive component suite, including data
> aware components, to be used almost exclusively.
> I would be very interested in suggestions about which suites to consider
> why.
> Regards,
> Tom