Re: Database replicator

Mike Shkolnik wrote:
Many thanks for the pointer:  I surely can't see how smi can help me
replicate my Firebird, though.  You are talking about importing data
from various sources - importing is *very* different to replication.

You may define the unique field and update records from one dataset. Or update existing and add the newest. Also you may define the own conditions - for example, you'll "import" the subset records from head office to branch (ID_BRACH=5 or something like that)

Ok, thanks Mike. I am glad I replied! So - now I need to determine how you do this - would it be via BDE or ADO? Because, if so, I am not too interested. I currently use FIBPlus 5 against Firebird 1.5, and know this product (FIB) well, so if you have a product that builds on this knowledge I will take a proper look. Or if you can convince me to take a proper look anyway - ie which components will achieve replication for me, and where to look for quick start guides for Firebird 1.5.