Re: Choosing the right embedded database.

Advantage. Local server is free. Ken

P.S. They do have a replication engine.

"Chris Swinney" <swin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi
> I am looking for the right tool for the job and came across you database
> application which may well fit the bill. We want a simple database
> application that will be freely distributed non-commercial for standalone
> users of a group of dancers. By simple, I mean real simple, the data is
> fairly structured and can be rationalised and is simply a way of searching
> for and then printing off a selection of dance information form a long
> list of dances (approx 5000 records). The report created should be
> importable into Word or such and a degree of customisation maybe nice. The
> current task is being complete with the use of a Word template and
> although this is cumbersome and difficult to maintain, it does actually
> work!
> Most users would download the application and data from a website via DIAL
> UP connections and would have no database package installed on their
> machines. I want the footprint to be as small as possible with no
> unnecessary additional files to be downloaded or installed.
> I would normally create such an application in Access but building a
> distributable package means that the MDSE engine or Access runtime files
> need to be distributed which runs into a 40MB download! As dial up
> internet access is the only real method of distribution, this is WAY to
> large. Most users will not know what is installed on their machines so I
> do not want to point then to the Microsoft site for other downloads, free
> or not. As I have dealt with Delphi in the past (version 4), I was looking
> at alternative to the BDE which I believe still has around 3MB of run time
> files that need to be distributed. As I also understand, BDE is generally
> regarded as an older system and could be left unsupported soon.
> One facility that would be nice is for users to be able to update their
> local data store via an internet link. As users "could" also add further
> dance information to their local store, it maybe nice if this was a two
> way procedure. However, this could lead to repetition of information if
> everything was stored in the same table so maybe added data form the users
> could be stored in a separate table and then uploaded to a different
> temporary store to the downloaded updates. This uploaded information would
> then be checked through and added to the download store ready for the next
> updates. Would this be done with some kind of replication, but what are
> the data repetition issues if any?
> Is any of this actually possible with an embedded system?
> There are currently around 1000 users of the word template. The
> application would only ever run in a Windows PC environment and 99% of the
> time this would be as a single user with a local store. Only occasionally
> would the users update the store.