Re: RealThinClient webserver demo & PHP5?

Danijel Tkalcec [RTC] wrote:
> "Jack Johnson" wrote:
>> Does anybody have the RealThinClient webserver demo working with
>> PHP5? If so, can you share your configuration & setup info?
> You will have to add the PHP installation folder (where you have
> installed PHP5) to System PATH. This is the same folder you have to
> use from the RTC WebServer.
> On Windows XP ... right-click on "My Computer" and select
> "Properties" to get the "System Properties" window, then select
> "Advanced" and click on "Environment Variables". You will see 2
> list-boxes. Select "PATH" from the lower list-box and add your PHP
> installation folder path there (separated with a semicolon ";").
> After you restart the PC, RTC WebServer should be able to work with
> PHP.

Thanks, Danijel, but it is already on the path, and I can call the
command-line utilities from a command prompt. What PHP executable or DLL is
RTC WebServer trying to load?
Jack Johnson
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