Re: RealThinClient webserver demo & PHP5?

"Jack Johnson" wrote:
> Thanks, Danijel, but it is already on the path, and I can call the
> command-line utilities from a command prompt. What PHP executable or DLL
> is RTC WebServer trying to load?

RTC WebServer is loading the "php5ts.dll". This file has to be in the PATH
and set up in the RTC WebServer as "Library path".

But, there are also a number of other DLL files (extensions) which are
loaded with that DLL file automaticaly by PHP. Because of that, it is also
important that you have the Extension paths correctly set up in the
"php.ini" file. Most important part in the "php.ini" file is the
"extension_dir" parameter. If you have PHP installed in "C:\php", then your
"extension_dir" line in the "php.ini" file will probably look like this:
extension_dir = C:\php\ext\

Also, you may check the "include_path" parameter in the "php.ini" file and
see if it has "." (current dir) included. For example, if you're using PEAR,
you also have to include this in the "include_path" parameter.
include_path = ".;C:\php\PEAR"

Danijel Tkalcec

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