ANN: Turbopower Orpheus D2005 and D2006 packages released

A "pre-release" of Orpheus version 4.07 is now available for download. It
contains new Delphi packages for Delphi 2005 and Delphi 2006, along with
updated packages for Delphi 3 through Delphi 7. (The original v4.06 D3 - D7
packages did not specify the correct path to the source files, with the
result that they could not be compiled without the paths first being

This release does not contain any other enhancements or bug fixes that may
have been made since the release of version 4.06. To compile these new
version 4.07 packages, you will still need all of the source files from
version 4.06.

The Orpheus CVS Repository on SourceForge has been updated with the new
files. However, due to a permissions problem on SourceForge I have not yet
been able to upload the ZIP file containing the release. As soon as this
problem is corrected, the Orpheus v4.07 pre-release will be available on the
download page for the Orpheus project. The filename is

For those who need the release right away, it is temporarily available here:

TurboPower Orpheus project page:

--Rob Roberts