Re: Kiosk application needs

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the advice. I guess I could use the standard Delphi
components and probably just use skin or something like that.

By the way, how do you disable the alt-tab so the users cannot
switch out of my application?

Thanks so much.


"tony caduto" <tony@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Andy wrote:
>> I need to create a kiosk application that's basically a
>> full-screen application with no system menu, etc. I'm
>> looking for components that can create attractive
>> buttons, scrollbars, etc. as well as pulldown keyboard
>> emulator so that one can use a touchscreen monitor
>> to type. Any resource or help is greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Andy
> Why do you need special components for a Kiosk, just use the standard
> delphi forms and disable alt-tab so the users can't switch out from your
> "Kiosk" app.
> Most Kiosk systems use a touch screen and you can easily create a GUI
> keyboard interface and only allow them to do certain things.