Re: ANN: FREE kbmMW v2.5x Standard Edition!

C4D - Kim Madsen wrote:

> Actually just click the Products/kbmX10 link in the menu and you will
> be on a page explaining whats it for :)

Aahh that explains it. Maybe a good idea to add a link to the info
page at the top of the sub-menu as well. I kept hovering over kbmX10
and went to all of the sub-menus without luck. And the University just
confused me more (not that it's difficult :) )

> > It would also be nice to have a single page comparing the different
> > kbmMW versions. Even if it was in PDF format.
> Check out the feature matrix. Click the Products/kbmMW/Featurematrix
> link.

I did see that but in order to do a comparison you have to go to each
of the sub-pages:

Security features
Messaging features


There is no single page with all of them. Something like the Delphi
Feature Matrix. You can download a PDF with all the stuff in. It's
easier to peruse.