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When we were using Indy 9 and found a problem, we were told to try Indy 10.
When we tried Indy 10, it died under normal production workloads making it
unusable. If you look at the Indy HTTP newsgroup, nobody bothered to
respond to my posting. The replies I received in the winsock group did not
get at the root cause of the problem. I recevied some suggestions, however,
most of them were in the form of "I do this and the problem goes away; give
it a try." Well, that's like saying that if your finger hurts, cut you hand
off and the problem will go away. Among these "solutions" were the

1) Create and Free the TIdHTTP for each request;
2) Wrap the call to Post() in a try..except block with a short delay
(Sleep??) before retrying the connection;
3) Try issuing a DisconnectSocket command in the exception handling code;
4) Run the free Ethereal packet sniffer.

While I appreciate these suggestions, I was looking for a reason why an
implemenation that simply calls Post() and works in Indy 9 dies in Indy 10.
Since Indy 10 has an almost completely new structure from Indy 9, comparing
the code from both versions yeilds nothing useful. The value of an "open
source" project is supposed to be all of the people using, debugging,
testing, and sharing the knowledge about the software. This may have been
the case with prior versions of Indy, but it is no longer the case. If you
are not using Indy 10, forget about getting any help from the project
participants. If you are using Indy 10, you have to use a "development
snapshot". Both of these situations are unacceptable especially when
Borland is shipping Indy with its product. Frankly, we have moved on to
using Synapse and find it preferable in all aspects to Indy for our use.


"Dave Nottage [TeamB]" <rot13.qnivqa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Mark D. Lincoln wrote:

In addition, we have found the support for this library is far better
than the complete lack of support for Indy. It seems that since Chad
Hower moved on to Microsoft, the project has lost its direction and
nobody still working on the project actually cares about supporting
it anymore.

Other than Chad working for MS, that is complete and absolute nonsense,
and AFAICR, Chad still has an active interest in Indy.

You asked your original question less than 3 weeks ago, and have had
several replies, at least a couple of which asked for example code, to
which you provided none until now. Others asked for other information
which could help isolate the cause, to which you also provided no
answer; even one to indicate whether or not you were able to, or
prepared to provide the information.

Dave Nottage [TeamB]
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