ANN: LMD ElPack 5.01 for Win32 (Delphi/BDS)

Version 5.01 of LMD ElPack - the unicode enabled toolbox - is available now.
The public LMD download area was updated with trials for Delphi/CBuilder 5
and higher.

Changes in release 5.01 can be reviewed here:

In addition demo projects (especially C++ Builder and TElXTree demos) and
documentation were updated.



LMD ElPack 5 is a collection of more than 170 unicode enabled native VCL
components for everyday work, that extend functionality of VCL controls, and
also introduce lots of new features and customizable look-and-feel. The
unicode support is not limited to Windows NT based machines but works also
on Win9X systems.

Following component groups are only examples for the broad range of
available components: Besides the famous tree- and grid controls for
superior interface design, LMD ElPack also contains advanced tools for
system programming and file access, database applications, multimedia
projects, displaying HTML text, printing tasks or handling of regular

Most of the visual components support transparency, advanced font effects
(3D, outline, ..), different backgrounds or -effects and Windows XP Themes
styles. LMD ElPack also integrates a built-in HTML engine which is used by
many ElPack controls or a native Theme engine, which supports themed
controls even on Win9X systems!

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LMD ElPack 5.0 supports Delphi 5-7, 2005, CBuilder 5 and 6 and BDS 2006

Besides that each LMD ElPack license covers as bonus a LMD ElPack 4.0 CLX
license as well.

LMD ElPack is available in 3 different editions. From completely free LMD
ElPack SE package up to Professional Edition. Comparison chart for different
ElPack packages can be found here:

Take a look at the Component Overview to check out which controls are
included in different packages:

To find out all new controls check this page:

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