Re: HTML to text

I am looking for a already done object for Delphi 2005/2006 that converts
HTML formated e-mail bodies to the raw text, it just removes the HTML
formatting codes. Anybody have any idea? It can be shareware or commerical.
If you recommend something, please give me an idea why it is great and any
known drawbacks on it. Thanks in advance!

Hi Barton,


will do this easily, with full Unicode support (accented & foreign language
characters) as well.

DIHtmlParser is great because it is fast, uses minimal memory, processes all
HTML you throw at it, deals with international languages, and does all this
fully natively: You do not need to have IE nor additional character sets
installed on your client's system.

The DIHtmlParser_ExtractText demo project even shows you how to go about when
extracting text from HTML.



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