Re: App with embedded web server - Intraweb or RTC?

It really depends on what you want to do.

If you want to write web-based applications, you are familiar with HTML/CSS
and you want your web sites to be fully customizable, with a designer (team)
working on all design-related issues and your developer (team) concentrating
on the business logic, RTC SDK will be your choice, since it completely
separates the design layer from the business layer and gives you complete
freedom in your design, as well as your coding style.

Additionally, you can use RTC remote functions to build your administrative
interfaces by using standard Delphi components (Delphi Client running over
HTTP, Server-side integrated in your WebServer), so you won't have to invest
much time into designing things which don't need to be presented on the Web,
but you will get a full-blown Windows Client application. And if you don't
need your application to run inside a Web Browser (maybe you'd rather have a
Delphi Client), you can use RTC remote functions for all communication and
your usual Delphi components for the "presentation layer" - then you have
even more freedom than with IntraWeb, since you can use all the components
on the Delphi components palette.

On the other hand, IntraWeb (as well as the upcoming "RTC WebForms" is best suited for writing web
applications running inside a Web Browser which have a "simple visual
design" (you can't have a designer create your pages, you will use
components with preset options). For business applications that's
acceptable, but it most likely won't be an option for someone who wants a
professionally designed Web Page. IOW, your web pages will be limited by the
visual components which you can use in your application (those written for
the purpose of generating HTML content).

I'd also like to point out that RTC is not a product, but a product family
name. There is currently the RTC SDK and there are RTC Remote Tools, while
RTC Database components are in beta testing and RTC WebForms components are
well on their way. (1) RTC SDK is the base extensible framework for building
Web Applications as well as Rich Client/Server applications, (2) RTC Remote
Tools is a set of tools for customer support using remote desktop control
over the Internet or inside LAN, (3) RTC Database ("AnyDAC 4 RTC") will be a
client- and server-side layer using RTC remote functions for communication
and allowing you to easily build middleware database applications, while (4)
RTC WebForms becomes something similar to IntraWeb - where you design your
forms and code your events in Delphi.

I'm aware of the fact that most Delphi developers are used to
component-based development, especially for designing their front-ends, so
most are looking for ways to visually design their web applications in
Delphi. Even though I think it's better to use HTML editors and designers
(like Dreamweaver or Front-end) for creating your presentation layer and
separating it from the business layer so you can make visual changes without
recompiling your code (which is what you would do with the most popular web
"languages" like Java and PHP), we are now working on RTC WebForms to
accommodate developers who prefer to build their Web applications "the usual
Delphi way" - by putting visual components on a Delphi form and writing
events. First beta of the RTC WebForms components is planned for November,
with a public release date in December, so ... stay tuned :-)

Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec, Team RTC


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