Re: Import numerical data

Hi, Ben:

You might have a look at the SMImport Suite over at

This product might be overkill for what you're trying to do, but it
will certainly do the job. I'm a happy user.


Ben Crain wrote:
I need a component -- or maybe just a procedure or some code -- that will
import numerical data from a text file. It must be from an ordinary text
file -- not a data base -- that has data arranged in columns. So it must
recognize how many columns there are, how many data values per column,
distinguish numerical data from whatever else might be in the text file and
ignore the other stuff, if it's not in a column, or import it as missing
data (possibly NAN) if it is. Or import nothing, and display an appropriate
message, if there are no data columns.

Thanks for suggestions...
Ben Crain