Re: Version info editor needed

Just so you know, the dll with the added version info causes ERROR_NOACCESS
when LoadLibrary is called. (But the original dll is loading correctly).

"Andrew Fiddian-Green" <nn@dd> wrote in message
"Igor Siticov" <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
You can try our Resource Builder:

Igor, I bought your software.

I was able to use it to add a version info resource to my dll. But the
modified dll causes an error when my application trys to load it, so I
think your resource linker is causing some damage to the dll binary.

Note: I tried both of the "Updating Methods":
1) when using your internal linker, there is no error from Resource
Builder, but I get the dll loading error from my application.
2) when using Windows API I get "Linker error (1) - Executable file not

Do you have any suggestions how to fix this?