ANN: Object Connections Releases Common Knowledge Version 3.0

Object Connections is pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 of
our flagship product, Common Knowledge. Common Knowledge is a
cross-platform business rules engine and management system that
supports the capture, representation, documentation, maintenance,
testing and deployment of an organisation's business rules and
application logic.

Common Knowledge V3.0 includes many new features including full .NET
support, ongoing support for Delphi and Java, a range of additional and
enhanced business rule formats, user-defined data types, support for
XML document handling including XPath and XSLT, and an integrated
business rules debugger.

Common Knowledge V3.0 supports all existing rule formats and a range of
additional formats, including:

* Workflows
* Rete Rules
* Decision Grids
* State Maps
* Flow Charts
* Decision Tables
* Decision Trees
* Scripts
* Active Scripts

Common Knowledge Studio, our highly visual and interactive business
rules authoring environment, has also been enhanced with the addition
of many new features including:

* An integrated and interactive business rules debugger
* A streamlined user interface to further increase productivity and
* Improved online help including a comprehensive set of user guides,
samples and tutorials
* A range of visual, interactive editors supporting all new business
rule formats

Other significant enhancements and improvements to Common Knowledge

* The ability to add "reasons" to your business rules, allowing
detailed explanations to be associated with each outcome
* The ability to include user defined classes in your business rule
* The ability to define communication channels for the exchange of
messages with external applications
* Support for the processing of XML documents (including XPath and
* The ability to nest business rule definitions to arbitrary depths,
allowing large sets of rules to be more logically structured

For further details please visit our website at where you'll find a range of resources
including whitepapers discussing various aspects of business rules
management and automation, and a fully functional evaluation download.
Thankyou for your previous interest in Common Knowledge.