Re: Do you know of an easy to use Jabber server for Win and/or Linux?

I'm looking for a Jabber server that will ideally be:

- GPL licensed
- Cross platform
- *NOT* Java based( I don't want to mess with JRE and all that
- Easy to administer(not necessarily graphically, cli is ok as
long as the configuration files are "humanly" :D)
- Easy to extend(this means, like, Delphi or proper C++, i.e.
documented source code and no nasty tricks in it, which are so
common in the C++ world)

Any suggestion?

I was looking for a server too, there are two significant ones, Wildire and
ejabberd, written in Java and Erland respectively. I wanted to extend
ejabberd but it was real PITA learning and trying to write something in new
functional language. Now I'm writing my own client and server in
Delphi/FreePascal. You will find other servers, but they are not that
advanced and feature rich.