Re: ANN: AJC Active Backup 30% discount on Bits du Jour - Today only

AJC Active Backup is a powerful Windows utility that instantly backs up any
file you change on your PC as soon as it is saved. Multiple versions of
each file are kept in a compact archive giving unlimited undo capabilities
and protection from costly mistakes or file corruption. This avoids
reaching for last night's backup, if there is one.

This program is just wonderful in its simplicity. Imagine a tool which
offers you to show "what changed today" or "what changed this week" by
just a click on a label. Or you find out that the last half hour you
were developing into the wrong direction - one click and you are back
where you started.

That said, I would happily pay for an upgrade if that would offer me:
- less old fashioned user interface
- a tree in the archive viewer to order the revisions by day
- added security to store a full copy every x days. (I never had a
problem with it but I am still afraid that something happens)
- A possibility to manage a list of files which should be saved after
they were NOT changed anymore for a certain time. That list should
survive a shutdown. (this would be good for large files)

Julian Ziersch