Re: ANN: AJC Active Backup 30% discount on Bits du Jour - Today only

Hi Andrew,

This program is just wonderful in its simplicity. Imagine a tool which
offers you to show "what changed today" or "what changed this week" by
just a click on a label. Or you find out that the last half hour you
were developing into the wrong direction - one click and you are back
where you started.

Thank you, can I add the above to my list of testimonials?


That said, I would happily pay for an upgrade if that would offer me:
- less old fashioned user interface

Yes I have been thinking about this. Do you have any ideas/examples for a
new look?

Mainly the buttons, they are kind of ok in the main program but in the
archive viewer I alwaqys have to look for the "find differences"
button. I think it will be find if you go to larger icons. The
"Compare" item should be in Menu "Revisions"

- a tree in the archive viewer to order the revisions by day

I think that would be nice and easy to implement.

- added security to store a full copy every x days. (I never had a
problem with it but I am still afraid that something happens)

Why not use AJC Directory Synchronizer to sync your files to another
machine/drive every few days. This is what I do.

I am actually doing something like this - I just want to be 100% sure
that I can always open the ARJ. (As I said, never had a problem)
Maybe you are already doing what I am suggesting.

- A possibility to manage a list of files which should be saved after
they were NOT changed anymore for a certain time. That list should
survive a shutdown. (this would be good for large files)

Yes I have been thinking about adding a feature like this too.


Julian Ziersch
WPCubed GmbH