RemObjects Newsletter - 'Vinci'

Dear Delphi Developers,

In this issue of our newsletter, we want to focus on some of the exciting new features coming in 'Vinci', the fifth release of our award-winning RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract products. As before, the products will be available in separate editions for Delphi and .NET, and most of the enhancements are available for both platforms.

- Support For 64-bit Windows and Linux through Free Pascal
- Improvements to data access in Data Abstract
- New Channel Types in RemObjects SDK
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- New Premium Support Service


Over the past year, more and more developers have been asking for support for developing 64-bit applications, especially for the server side, where the new architecture brings many benefits, most importantly for access to more than 4GB of RAM and easier handling of large blocks of contiguous memory.

While we have been supporting 64-bit development with the .NET editions of our products for some time, many users prefer writing native code, or want an easier way to get their existing Delphi projects to the 64-bit platform without rewrite, so we chose to open up our library for the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC), which, among many other platforms, supports 64-bit Windows.

With the first release of 'Vinci' this June, we are providing full FPC support for the core RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract libraries, supported on four platforms: 32-bit Windows (i.e. the same platform as supported through Delphi), 64-bit Windows, as well as 32- and 64-bit Linux on the x86 and x64 architectures.

You can read more about our support for Free Pascal, at


Many improvements and enhancements to the way clients access and retrieve data have been made to Data Abstract, allowing you to make data retrieval more flexible and more secure at the same time. I'd like to briefly discuss a handful of the most exciting improvements, and refer you to the recently published DA30 ( article for more detailed information.

Dynamic Select and Dynamic Where are two features that allow clients to control the amount of data they fetch without needing any additional logic on the server. Clients can now dynamically specify a sub-set of fields to retrieve partial sets of data from the server. Depending on the data required, client applications can – for example – request just the couple of fields needed for a lookup resolution, or download all fields. Clients can now also dynamically provide conditions for filtering data with WHERE clauses, allowing them to access individual records or small sets of data from potentially large back-end tables.

Improvements have also been made in how Data Abstract services handle multiple connections defined for a schema, allowing for more flexibility in defining proper statements to access data from different back-end databases, though the Connection Type property. The new AutoSQL feature also allows Data Abstract services to dynamically generate SELECT statements on the fly, in many cases eliminating the need for hard-coded SQL statements inside the schema altogether.

Native support for Union and Joined Data Tables rounds off data access, enabling you to combine data from a variety of source tables and exposing it as one contiguous data table to clients – with full and transparent support for updating, deleting and inserting data.

Please refer to article DA30 ( for more detailed discussions about these and more features.


Several new channels are being introduced for the RemObjects SDK, providing yet more options for making your servers accessible through a wide range of networking scenarios.

Most interestingly, the new Super HTTP Channel has been designed to take the power of its TCP-based sister channel (one of the most widely favored new features in version 4.0 of the SDK) and combine it with the ease of use and flexibility of the HTTP protocol. The new channel preserves all the benefits of its counterpart – asynchronous event receiving without polling, reliable connectivity and detection of network loss – while being able to work via HTTP proxies and firewalls like only HTTP can.

For .NET, two implementations of the new server channel are provided based on our Internet Pack and Microsoft’s http.sys HTTP kernel, while for Delphi a brand new asynchronous socket layer has been developed to provide optimal performance and eliminate the need for third party components such as Indy or BPDX.

The newly updated article RO38 ( provides an in-depth overview and comparison of all the channels we’re providing with RemObjects SDK 'Vinci' – old and new.


In this newsletter we've only very briefly touched on a handful of new features that are coming in the RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract 'Vinci' – which is available for purchase and upgrade now, with final release scheduled for June 30. Please check our website regularly, as we’ll be providing more information and adding more and more articles over the next month, as we near release.

We've added a new "Ready for Vinci" category to our DevCenter at, allowing you easy access to new articles as they become available, as well as existing articles as they get updated and expanded to reflect the new version.


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