Re: ANN: Cost effective ThinDAC replacement....

"marc hoffman" schrieb:

my last public reply on this matter, just to set things straight:

I said I had no business with RO, but with Dmitry.
And Dmitry has been ignoring my E-Mails.

Well, Dmitry is part of RO now, for all you're concerned. Your emails to Dmitry have not been ignored, they have all been answered.

The fact that you didn't like who's name was in the From field doesn't give you the right to publicly claim your emails were "ignored". I know it really serves your story better, but that doesn't make it true.

This is also not what I said. I did get a reply from RO after I sent another E-Mail to Dmitry to his new RO E-Mail address, but that was only AFTER I got a reply from you where one of ThinDAC users has put me in CC when asking Dmitry something.

But, I did NOT receive a reply to the E-Mail I sent directly to Dmitry, to the his private E-Mail address, which we have been using throuhoug the whole past year. The fact that I wac kept in the dark the whole time and the fact that *that* E-Mail has been ignored (by Dmitry) has orced me to step out into the public and post a reply to your ANN on friday.

So ... before you continue claiming how Dmitry is innocent just because he's now part of RO, you may want to ask him a question or two. Unless, ofcourse, you're just playing a game here and know the real truth about our former relationship and Dmitrys obligations, but chose to ignore it.

Also, just for the record, I didn't monitor Borland newsgroups when your announcement popped up. I was informed by one ThinDAC user about this sudden Dmitry's change of plans, after which I had sent 2 E-Mails to Dmitry asking for an explanation. He chose to ignore my E-Mails, so I had no other option but to step out into the public.

Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec, Team RTC