Re: ANN: Cost effective ThinDAC replacement....

Femi Fadayomi wrote:
Robert Giesecke wrote:

40? Did I get this right? This is about 40 people who bought ThinDAC?

So you think RO risk dragging their otherwise excellent reputation in
the mud just for some 40 lousy users? I don't think so.

IMHO, RO partnership with Da-soft is more to meet their customers need
and to gain competitive advantage over the competition. With the
partnership, RO will at least

No, that is not what I meant. I meant how RTC and C4D were acting.

1. Have an in-memory dataset that is competitive with kbmMemtable - a
competitive dig at C4D

Check out Vinci, they already have that on their own.

To meet their customer needs and gain competitive advantage over the
competition, RO could have just taken over AnyDAC and let Dmitry do
whatever he wishes with ThinDAC. Again, ThinDAC doesn't add to RO
product portfolio or add any value to their customer base; unless RO is
really after those 40 users to add to their "thousands" customer and
give away potentially $28,000.00 worth of product license in the

As I see it, Dimitri would have EOL'ed it anyways. And now it is EOL'ed, not dead.
The difference between EOL & death is, that ThinDAC still has support from Dimitri.

As for Dmitry, he can do whatever benefits him financially but could
have handled it in a dignified, straight forward and trusting manner.

Yep, but I don't know what exactly had happened.