Re: RealThinClient SDK > Free Commercial License with more Support options

Danijel Tkalcec wrote:

To avoid this thread to start growing exponentially, in case anyone
has any questions, comments or recommendations, please contact


I am sory, but I'll stick with this thread here as I belive there's at
least one detail that has to be discussed here.

While I do agree that what you did will enable a whole lot of 3rd party
VCL/code to be based on RTC SDK (for which I'd like to thank you), I
wonder if you have considered this scenario:

Suppose I develop VCL(s) based on your SDK..

Being not allowed to re-distribution the RTC SDK is fine as long as
people can get a free current copy from your site; but when/if they can
no longer do that, things would get rather uncomfortable for us.

I am asking this basicaly because of the fact that you do not allow
re-distribution of the SDK.

What happens when and if the license changes again; or in some other
way whereby the source is not available under the current (or better)

Unless I have missed it, I'd like to know if you plan to add a clause
to your license to cover this possibility?

Would you be prepared to let the SDK be automatically re-licensed
under, say, a BSD-style license from the moment you announced it
abondened or, say, six months since the last update?

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