Re: ANN: RealThinClient components looking for a new owner

Thank you for all your replies and suggestions.

If TMS is only taking care of marketing and sales while the original authors continue working on the products by themselves, then TMS would not be the right choice for me, since I am looking for a company with a team which can help on the development and support side too, and not only in marketing and sales. As for kbmMW and RO, I think they would both only be interested in ripping RTC apart and extracting and putting pieces of it into their own products, but the RTC components as such would disapear. And that's most certainly not what I have in mind when looking for a new home for RTC components.

I have now increased RTC Portal VCL prices (Basic from 299 to 395 EUR, Bronze from 499 to 695 EUR), and removed license restrictions for using the components, which allows my current customers to use the RTC Portal VCL to build and sell, copy or give away commercial support tools without having to pay royalties or buy extra licenses. That's to make sure that licensed RTC Portal VCL users won't have to worry about their rights to distribute applications built with them, no matter what the new RTC Portal VCL owner should decide (should there be an owner change for the RTC Portal VCL).

My main goal and the reason why I have decided to offer RealThinClient components "on sale" is to find a company which would be ready to back up development of RTC WAF, my idea of a Rapid Rich Internet Application Development Framework. As said, the core functionality is already implemented (Beta 3 now also has automatic client-side caching, which further reduces traffic and improves remote performance) and I've made a handfull of components work with the framework proving that the concept works, but there is still a lot of work left to be done before the components can be used for developing business applications and I'm affraid I won't be able to handle the load by myself.

Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec