Re: Delphi and .net?

From: Bjørge Sæther (
Date: 09/23/04

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 21:04:12 +0200

Dodgy wrote:
> I need to write a .net app for a windows ce .net 4.2 handheld.
> I'd rather not have to go out and buy a m$ product, and would much
> rather do it in Delphi if at all possible.
> From what I can see there are two choices, Delphi 7 and Delphi 8. The
> odd version number theory, and the price would say go for 7.
> But does either of them do .net for compact framework? (And there was
> me thinking .net was supposed to sort out this platform dependency
> problem... hehe!)

It was said that the delphi community could influence on whether ther would
be a campact framework version of Delphi 8. This was some time last spring,
but I have not seen anything indicating that we'll soon have it.

Bjørge Sæther
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