Re: XP style buttons and Delphi 6??

From: frederick (
Date: 10/06/04

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 13:33:24 +1300

"Damot" <> wrote in message
> "frederick" <> wrote in message
> news:<1096965141.936332@ftpsrv1>...
>> "Damot" <> wrote in message
>> > Might be a silly question but is there a simple way to use XP style
>> > buttons with Delphi 6?
>> Most simply - XPDesign component (freeware D2-D6):
>> add XPdesign to 'uses' to use it.
>> Fine for buttons and most things - but not so good for listviews with
>> VSReport, and does not work for check-boxes.
> Many thanks, that's all I needed for now.

BTW, it does work for check boxes - but not checklistboxes.

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