Pentium 1.8Ghz / Windows 2000 / Delphi 6 problem

From: Joe Smith (
Date: 10/26/04

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    Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 00:00:34 GMT

    I am a hobbyist programmer. I have written a program in Delphi 6
    which does a lot of calculation. Most of the variables are either
    double precision or extended precision.

    The program runs fine on most of the machines I have tested it on. It
    ran fine on:
    1. 866 mhz Pentium 3 running Windows 98
    2. laptop with an AMD 1.2Ghz running Windows XP home
    3. 2.66 Ghz Pentium 4 running Windows XP Home
    4. 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 running Windows XP Pro

    I have run it on two machines which were both IBM NetVista computers
    Penitum 4 at 1.8 Ghz running Windows 2000 Professional and on both
    machines small errors show up in the calculation almost immediately
    and then after a few seconds the program blows up with a floating
    point overflow.

    The scenarios being run are identical in all cirucmstances so there
    should be no difference at all in the results of the calculation. If
    the calculation runs to the end it takes several days.

    Does anyone have any experience that would tell where the problem is:
    1. a bug in the 1.8 Ghz chip
    2. a bug in Windows 2000
    3. an incompatiblitly between Delphi 6 and Windows 2000
    4. other?

    Any solutions?

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