Re: calling child class method

Pawel Slusarz wrote:
Rob Kennedy wrote:
OK. Now could we jump straight to *real* code? Copy and paste code that exhibits the problem you're having.

If you'll be satisfied with seeing the code that was written go get
around the problem, here it is:

Look at the TComparable hierarchy.

I'd have much prefered to see the code that *caused* the problem. As it is, I'm still not sure what problem you're trying to get around. Is there something specific about the TComparable hierarchy that you'd like to draw my attention to?

You referred to a lot of code, much of which seems to be irrelevant to
the issue. I also see use of the "overload" directive when there is only
one method signature. Is "overload" significant, or just a remnant from
some previous iteration of the code?