Re: Good settings for BlockRead

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 08:54:19 +0000 (UTC), Stephan Eggermont
<stephan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Nicholas Sherlock <n_sherlock@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Jud McCranie wrote:
>> > 2. I'm working on a program for a dental office, and it works better
>> > to have a list of the patient names with a small amount of data in
>> > memory all of the time. This is read in to be available, not
>> > processing each record at the time. I want that to be fast too.
>> Database?

>Much too complex. Read everything in ram but the images. Memory is cheap.
>Write a recovery log to disk, though.

Agreed about a transaction log that can be run against older versions
of the data.

The trouble with reading /everything/ to RAM is that the system is
almost certain to be multi-user

I suspect that Jud is simply doing fast lookup by patient name, to
avoid maintaining a complex index
- perhaps also getting a few key fields like date of last visit