Re: Getting the text under the cursor from any application

Andreas Koch wrote:
> etherington19@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> Is this really feasible.
> Well, its the only way if you want to be able to handle every app.
> If an app displays its text by rendering it into a bitmap, its no
> text anymore. How do you want to get that text back? You can get
> certain things working with getwindowtext etc, but that won't help
> for all apps.

My own flagship app, BASin (an IDE for a BASIC language, written in Delphi)
doesn't display any system text in the editor - it's *all* bitmapped. You'd
need to get access to BASin's memory to pull the text out, and even then
it's not actually stored as text, but tokens.

So yes, OCR is the *only* way.