Re: DCU file ownership

Ryan wrote:

I have a bit if a generic question as I want to gauge peoples opinions.

We have an external supplier who previously wrote our applications and
now supports them. I'm bringing the work in house gradually and taking
the work off them which they are aware of. Our contract states that all
of the work is owned by us and they have provided the vast majority of
the files as agreed.

However, there are a number of common functions etc... that they use
and these have been provided as compiled units (.DCU). They won't
release the .pas files unless we pay a licence and at which point,
these will be split out (which is fine). The reason is that they
consider these 'special materials' and part of their generic code for
all clients. There is a clause in the contract, so I need to look
closely at the implications.

So, the question is do you consider DCU files to be sufficient for
'provided code'. We can re-build the vast majority, and probably re-use
a lot of the source, but cannot check or change the code in these
files. They cover things such as encryption functions that we use

Having little experience of providing code in this way, I'd like to see
what is generally thought of before forming my own opinions.



i think they are attempting to wedge you into their services.
i've been around for some time now doing this and that is one of
the oldest tricks in the book .
programmers normally like to make them self's a set of libs to make their job easier out side of what the tools they use given them. i also do the same how ever, legally i have to supply any tool lib that i create that is being used in the project in source form if the contract states that all materials created to build the project must be included. this means all the source files that were created by the programmer and also includes any of their own little libs they have made that get used
in the project.
the only source files they can not supply are those that come with the tools they use.
the other scenario are the third party files they are using, in which case info should be supplied for you to get a license from the venders of where they got theirs.
for any unit file that has common universal support functions that is use for other clients, i supply the source, so that different versions of Delphi can recompile it with a written copy write that, they will not publicly share the file or change its function structure other than correcting a bug problem for which should be reported back to me.
that is how i deal with it and i have had no problems thus far.

Real Programmers Do things like this.