Re: BDS2006 exe sizes

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Of course using RET makes the COM file more versatile, things like
Foxpro for MSDOS (and probably DBASE, Clipper etc) used to allow you
to load COM files as pseudo DLL's,

Oh wow. I never knew that. It makes perfect sense.

in which case the RET returns
control back to the caller.

However, since I've never used those monstrosities, and don't intend
to start now, I think that the 'versatility' feature, is not really

Perhaps it is inconsiderate of me, depriving posterity of such a
useful routine ... <g>

Yes. Imagine how _short_ they could make "H(e/u)llo world" if they
only had to call an external library for it...

nearly zero, and the saving is ..nearly zero

now 1 gig of hd = $1 so 1 meg is 0.1 cents
and 1 gig of download is $2 (depending) so 1 meg is 0.2 cents

the download time if user is waiting is the most significant cost,
if broadband say 2-30 seconds per meg
so the standard bloated gui app overhead (~500k) comes in at
0.05 cents + 0.1 cents + 1-15 seconds user time

about the time it takes to create a save directory and the download is
plus memory, load time, execution, you are looking at maybe 1 cent user cost
overhead for a gui app, saving..nearly zero..
we (oz) no longer have 1cent pieces, smallest is 5cents because
it was determined (by someone somewhere, and spawning conspiracy theories)
that it isn't economically worth minting and shipping coins
worth less than that , all cash transactions round to nearest 5c

there is almost no benefit distinguishing a 1 meg app from a 1 byte app
( _almost_ )