Re: BDS2006 exe sizes

On 2006-02-26, Nicholas Sherlock <N.sherlock@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Maarten Wiltink wrote:
But there's a lot of difference between a 1 meg application and a
2 meg application

Really? The difference between a 4 seconds and an 8 second download,
you mean? Half the time, I can't click that fast.

Not all of us live in countries where universal, fast broadband is a
reality. In New Zealand, 2mb to 1mb is probably about 4 minutes down to
2 minutes on average. It's also an important consideration when you pay
per megabyte for the data that you serve from your website.

That being said, I wouldn't bust a gut trying to lose a megabyte from a
2mb program.

At FPC we get this kind of minimalist behaviour daily. However since it is
open source, it would be pretty easy to provide some patch set or
distribution to disable e.g. initialisation of internationalisation,
threading, runtimeerror2exception, timezone, date formatting etc.

However nobody ever did it. The minimalists all seem to be newbies that
get startled at every binary increase, however, when they actually have
mastered the skill to _make_ a minimalist version, they have moved on, and
don't acre so much :-)