Re: Parameters of events not shown?

"AdamMaynard24" <adammaynard24@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

How do you know the parameters of an event that is not already in the
object inspector? such as application.restore for instance. If you want
to create this event, and have to do: procedure OnRestore(Sender:
TObject... ?

// then assign the OnRestore in the FormCreate() to this custom event..

You look it up in the help, obviously. Under TApplication, Event,
OnRestore, where it says 'TNotifyEvent'. You can click on TNotifyEvent,
too, if you don't recall immediately what signature it represents.

The only leap in that is from the Application variable to its type,

Miscellaneous other notes:
* It's not good style to name an event handler the same as the event.
Include some hint as to the source object.
* It's not a custom event. There's nothing custom about it.
* Your life might be made simpler by the TApplicationEvents component.
(Additional tab, the one with arrows pointing out of it.)

Maarten Wiltink