Re: Set the CheckBox.Checked without the OnClick being called

"Jamie" <jamie_ka1lpa_not_valid_after_ka1lpa_@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hmm, what's wrong with simply using the already supplied TAG property
in the control to be used as a flag indication?

You only get one Tag per component.

I have some code at work where I keep names in a stringlist. The names
appear in an input string. First, they were annotated with their
starting position (they _should_ appear only once). Then, the possibility
arose that the names would be changed on the fly, several times during
processing, and I needed to keep both starting and original ending
position. So now the stringlist is annotated with an object boxing two
integers. Pass me that paper bag, will you?

The name 'Tag' carries absolutely no meaning. As Rob said.

I have some code at work that uses Tag. And other code that uses it
differently. And yet other code, and so on and so forth. And _of course_
the source doesn't document how it's being used. And if it did, the
comments wouldn't be maintained.

Maarten Wiltink