Re: Automatic testing of numerical output

Neilen Marais wrote:

I'm trying to set up some tests for a f90 code that I am working on.
I'd like to compare the results of known test-problems across
different versions and platforms. The code generates output in text

Since floating point results tend not to match exactly, I can't
just diff output files to see what's going on. Software that will
compare floating point numbers to a specified tolerance level would be
quite useful.

Do generally applicable software exist to set up such tests, or do
people just roll their own? I'm quite interested to hear how other
people approach this presumably common problem.

The Polyhedron Benchmarks (see our web site) includes a program called PBValid that does that sort of comparison. I use it to confirm that the output from executables produced by different compilers is within specified tolerances. It deals with fuzziness from variation in both floating point arithmetic and formatted output.

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