ifort compiler option


I am using the Intel Fortran Compiler version 8.1.

The problem in brief is that I would like to know if there is any
compiler option to tell me into what all subtoutines the compiler is
going when executing the code. I went through all the compiler
options, but I couldn't find anything. Probably I missed something.

To give the complete view of the problem :
I am using a software callde dlpoly, which is a collection of
subroutines, written in fortran 90. I compiled it (it compiles all the
subroutines and while executing, selects the subroutines which are
needed) with intel fortran compiler. When I am executing the code, I
want to know what subroutines are being executed. This would help me
know what all subroutines are being used in the software. I need to do
some modification to the code to suit my purpose. To help me in this
purpose I want the compiler to print the names of the subroutines into
which it's going while executing the code. I used the option -B80 with
the Absoft Compiler V 9. which prints all the subroutines into which
the execution is going.

Any help is much appreciated.

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