Re: My philosophy

"Rich Townsend" <rhdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

>In my own case, almost all of the programs I write are for
> my own use, as well as use by colleagues and collaborators.

Ah Shithead, oops, I meant Dickhead!

What a relief, you write programs for nobodies who do no harm and even less
good. Bravo!

> This, of course, is the two-edged sword that is Fortran. You don't have
> to read Knuth to program in Fortran, and that's a good thing. But most
> people haven't read Knuth when they program in Fortran, and that's a bad
> thing.

Baloney, those who program in Fortran can't, Knuth couldn't give a toss and
neither does anyone else other than regular Fortran sewing club members.
Fortran devotees are as pathetic and bankrupt as the creatures in Scott's
'Staying On', but far less interesting, they lacking an iota of insight
into their essential obsolescence, hence the current CLF prattle on f2008,
f2003 having been abandoned due to, what's that word?, disinterest, that's
the one.
You're Welcome,
Gerry T.
"Nobody can get the truth out of me because even I don't know what it is. I
keep myself in a constant state of utter confusion." -- Col Sam Flagg,
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