Re: (nessun oggetto)

TC <tecomeco@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> - This pointer assignment would assign a pointer to the wrong kind of data

What do you mean by "wrong kind"? Do you mean wrong type? I'd like to
see the exact error messages. Exact error messages are usually better
than an explanation of what you think they mean. I also suspect that
more context is needed because...

> - The right hand side of the pointer assignment does not have the
> POINTER or TARGET attribute

Yes it does. You gave it the pointer attribute in the line...

> type(Lista),pointer:: x,ultima;

This makes me suspicious that perhaps the function does not have
an explicit interface. I did mention in a previous post that an
explicit interface is required for functions that return pointers.
You haven't shown enough context to tell whether it has the
necesary explicit interface or not, but the reported symptoms
(or my interpretation of your descriptions of them)
sure sound like what I'd expect if it didn't.

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