Re: Terminator 2.0 Fortran Source Code

[JvO] wrote:
> BTU Bill schreef:
>>Here is the unabridged edition of the source code. Once compiled and
>>run it's a one-screen program where you can input some parameters, and
>>get some results for the Mars trajectory. A formal tech paper on the
>>program is at where you can download the
>>PDF version of the book free; the spiral bound paper back is available
>>at cost.
>>WH Clark
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>>c SUBROUTINE ClarkBert
>>c Integrated Lambert Transfers
>>c Copyright 2000, William H. Clark II
>>c All Rights Reserved
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> !! [ delete
> I spent some time on the Fortran side of the program
> (no idea about the celestial workings of it)
> I seriously doubt that this will
> 1) get anything to Mars in any time
> 2) be worth a degree in any science ..
> All compilers I tried started with dozens of errors and warnings.
> Type mismatch, unused variables, unclear functions with side-effects,
> etc.....
> So, my question :
> Is this really a tested and proven program as pretended by Mr. Clark ii
> ?

Tested and proven is in the eye of the beholder. You may wish to do some
Google research into the code's author, to see how he beholds himself.